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Enhancing Payment Solutions for an MSB Licensed Payment Institution MONTOWIRE MSB LTD
freelancing Enhancing Payment Solutions for an MSB Licensed Payment Institution MONTOWIRE MSB LTD

Our client, MONTOWIRE MSB LTD, a Money Services Business (MSB) licensed payment institution, specializes in offering comprehensive payment services & solutions to a wide range of customers. In an industry driven by technological advancement and stringent regulatory requirements, our client faces constant challenges in maintaining, updating, and enhancing their systems to meet the evolving needs of their market and regulatory environment. To address these challenges, they turned to our platform to source expert IT solutions that could support their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Common questions
  • How do I log in to my profile (authorisation)?

    To enter and manage your profile (authorisation on the service), press the "Login" button on the right side of the website header (at the top of the screen).

    In the form specify your login - telephone number or e-mail and password. Click the "Login" button again.

    If you have forgotten your profile password, you can reset it using the "Forgot password" option.

    Enter the code in the box on the screen. If the code didn't come, click on the 'Not getting sms' link. If you do not receive the code three times, please contact our support team.

  • Didn't you get an email?

    If the system is very busy, it may take up to 24 hours for the confirmation email to reach you. If the confirmation letter does not arrive at the address you have provided, you should check that you have spelled it correctly, check that it has not been spammed, or contact our support team.

  • How can I be both a Customer and a Specialist in the same profile?

    User profiles on Swaplance are versatile and allow for 2 modes at once - Customer and Specialist.

    In the top corner of the screen click on the triple dot to open a drop down tab and select one of the modes. The selected mode will be highlighted in green. Immediately after switching, select one of the profile tabs for the mode to work.

  • Publishing a project or vacancy

    Projects and vacancies are published in the User Account. After checking by the moderators, orders are published in the service sections and on the user's personal page.

  • Key fields of the order publication form

    Title and description The title should briefly reflect the essence of the assignment and the description will contain as much information about the assignment as possible. In the absence of an attached file with the text of the assignment, only the description will allow performers to estimate the scope of work and cost of services.

    Budget The budget of the order informs the performer of the amount of compensation for the successful completion of the assignment. If no budget is specified, this field should be left blank.

    Category Selecting the correct category will allow you to attract the maximum number of performers specializing in a certain field.

  • Responses to projects

    A regular account can leave 1 response per 24 hours. The moment of countdown starts when the response to the project is published by the implementer. If you leave a project request at 12 o'clock, the next response will be available the next day at 12 o'clock. PRO accounts have no limitations in answers to projects.

  • How to get a PRO account?

    In order to get a 'PRO' account you need to click on the 'Still don’t have PRO?' button in the header. Choose how long you want to get the "PRO" account, tick the box and pay the selected amount.

  • Why is my account blocked?

    A profile can be blocked automatically by the system under certain conditions or by site administrators for violations of site rules, the law, or common sense. The decision to block a profile can be temporary or permanent, depending on the number and severity of violations. The reason for blocking the profile (if standard) is stated in the message in the profile, as well as in the letter in the mail. If the reason remains unclear to you, we recommend contacting the support team.

  • Where can I view service messages in my profile?

    You can view all important messages from the service in the "Messages" section:

    • status changes in your orders
    • from admin
    • about moderation of ads
    • order publication
    • account replenishment
    • profile blocking reason
    • offers from specialists/customers.

    To view this section, click on the "envelope" symbol in the site's header (top right of the screen).

  • How do I delete my profile?

    Deleting a profile on the website blocks access to the data on it, and access can only be restored with the help of support.

    !!! The website administration has the right to refuse to activate your profile if you have posed a threat to the service or other users.

    To delete your profile, you have to enter the Settings tab and under "Access" go to "Delete the account? Then enter your profile password to confirm the action.

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