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Norsk Lithium

Our task was to create a mobile app that helps the user connects to a battery or groups of batteries in a few clicks. Battery owners or NL support need to have quick access to important information about each piece of the battery. In the end, clients expect to form a community of people who use Norsk batteries. And create a simple app that will increase the company's sales.

Our designs need to cover 3 levels of battery details for the different User Personas. Boat level – is it safe, avg. runtime time and maximum capacity. Group level – most important information and statuses about each battery inside a group. Battery level – all the details about temperature, cell status, etc. The challenge was to make so tech app easy to use. You need 3 sec, to understand the main status of the system and could see realistic 3D visualization with eye-catchy animation.

Norsk Guardian is the app that provides a unique possibility to track your boat’s battery health and take care of your safety on the open water. From UX Research to UX design and building a scalable design system we have designed and supported Norsk Guardian during its development. Our team of PM, Design lead and Key UX designer cover all design needs, and together with developers released the app at Google Play and Apple Store.

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