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YurHub - freelance marketplace for lawyers
25000 USD 6 months

JurHub is an interactive online service that allows you to find and hire lawyers faster and easier based solely on your preferences.

The goal is to develop a clear web service that will combine a freelance exchange for ordering lawyers' services online and a document marketplace.

As a result of the work we have developed a convenient service for both ordinary users and lawyers.
The services available on the site are:
1. Online consultation of Lawyers;
2. Service "Safe Deal" between users and lawyers with the reservation of funds on the exchange;
3. Marketplace of legal documents;
4. PRO services for customers and lawyers with additional opportunities to use the platform;
5. Other useful features

High reliability and security
The product is used by hundreds of customers at a time - this ensures a deep level of testing and updating of its capabilities. Security audits and load testing of the engine are also carried out continuously.

Protection against known types of attacks is implemented:

- Protection against SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, Clickjacking, Session fixation, incoming data processing
- Encryption of user passwords
- Can use mathematical captcha
- Check for form submission frequency, ban by IP, Referer check
Ban on using of temporary email addresses (dropmail.me, trbvm.com, ...)
- Regular work on security.
Another important factor is the correct server configuration, security issues are also taken into account during the initial server setup.

Engine code
The engine code is written in PHP (compatible with version 7.2), with MySQL as the DBMS.
OOP, modularity, MVC. The jQuery library is used.
Template engine is not used, all templates are built in PHP & HTML

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