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Zofore - online store of sporting goods
3000 USD 1 month

Zofore is an American company that manufactures sports accessories and products aimed at US customers.
The company turned to Room15 digital studio to update the site visually, conduct basic SEO optimization and introduce new functionality.

Tasks and technologies
The website is built on the Shopify platform. Taking into account the wishes of the client to update the theme, the Beloria theme was chosen as the option with the best page loading speed and the availability of the necessary basic functionality.

As a result of the work performed, we received an updated website with a higher conversion rate.
The visual result of the work can be seen by comparing the previous and current versions of the sites.
It was
Old version - https://0lh0ryyukpy1em68-29056761993.shopifypreview.com/
It became
Current version - https://www.zofore.com/

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