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===== Project Goal =====

The SportPlus app aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by creating a personalized workout experience for users. With seamless integration with their workout equipment, the app allows users to track their progress, monitor milestones, and adjust difficulty levels for a smarter, data-driven workout.

The company faced a challenge of implementing the right protocol and ensuring its stability. Additionally, during development, it turned out that all the devices were using 4 different BLE protocols, making the integration even trickier.

The goal was to create a user-friendly app that addresses these technical challenges and provides an engaging workout experience for users.

===== Solution =====

To address the technical challenge, we created a team of a Tech Lead and 3 developers, a QA engineer and a Project Manager. We conducted a Discovery Stage to validate the BLE protocol and design the UX.

We created a generic protocol handler to remove inconsistencies and enable the application to communicate with all exercise machines via BLE. This solution addressed the challenge of multiple protocol usage and machines inconsistency.

We also focused on user-friendliness, with a clear and accessible active workout functionality that makes it easy to use for people during intense exercise. We maintained minimalist design while providing all the necessary info on the screen with an ability to easily manage it.

We successfully implemented the custom workouts functionality, creating a CMS system that enables the SportPlus team to manage content that adds value for device owners. This system allows the team to upload and update custom workouts for customers on their own.

The app was developed over 26 weeks by a team of 6 people and included 1137 commits.

The SportPlus app is now available for users, offering a personalized workout experience that seamlessly integrates with their workout equipment.

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